Scissors 3-2-2


Sure, they’re basically fancy scissors, but kitchen shears have their run-of-the-mill snipping cousins one-upped thanks to the fact that they come unhinged, making them into a knife, a peeler and a lot easier to clean.

PROBLEM: Are there problems with regular kitchen scissors?
• Blades break off because the stainless steel does not extend through the length of the handle.
• Handle uncomfortable.
• They rust because of low-quality stainless steel.
• Blades not sharp.
• Are they multi-functional?

SOLUTION: Here’s why LOVE YOUR KITCHEN’S Kitchen Shears the most important tool in your culinary arsenal.

Kitchen Scissors by Love Your Kitchen – High quality Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Multi-function Kitchen Shears for Vegetables, Poultry, Meat, Herbs, With Magnetic Holder and Soft-grip/Non-slip Handle


• High quality stainless steel blades that extends through the length of the handle.
• Soft grip handle design for comfort.
• Detachable blades for cleaning, sharpening, and polishing. Single blades can be used as a knife.
• Open all that pesky packaging.
• Multi-purpose: Cut meat, slippery bacon with ease, scale fish, trim vegetables, shell nuts, crack crab legs, open bottles, cut chicken bones, strip herbs, cut up dried fruit, and many others.
• Trim fat off meat. Serrated edge so meats don’t slip.
• Knife on the end of the handle is good for many things.
• 100% money back guarantee.

Here is what customers are saying:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Love these shears

I am the queen of kitchen gadget and this by far is my favorite, I absolutly love all the things these kitchen shears can do and the fact that it comes with its own magnetiv holder is the coolest thing ever, My kids are always taking the scissors from my knife block and they are now where to be found when I need them. I put this set on the side fo my fridge and no one knows they are there but me. I love the fact theat the scissors come apart and the 2 blades can be used as a knife, These shears also have built into the handle a bottle opener, nut cracker, and a knife at the end of the handle, you can cut up and trim meat and has a built in peeler to peel veggies. These shear can be used for so many different things its amazing and its all in one little tool so now more searching your kitchen for th nut cracker or the vegtable peeler or bottle opener, now I just go to the side of my fridge and I have everything I need, I honestly and truly love these shears and plan to order more pairs of these to give as gifts.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great kitchen shears

This kitchen scissors make my life easier when cooking! This is one of the best kitchen tools that I ever purchased. The scissors has seven besides cutting. It has a bottle opener, nut cracker, can opener, flat head screwdriver, vegetable peeler, fish scale scraper, bone cutter. The scissors is easy to clean as it can come apart easily. The other feature I like is the magnet holder, it is soooooooo convenient. I put it on my fridge for easy access. The scissors is sturdy and well made, it should be able to last for a long time. Highly recommend to have this scissors in your kitchen

  • SOFT GRIP/NON-SLIP HANDLE saves strain and helps when using force on harder objects and allows you to have a tighter grip on the scissors. Left or right handed. Sharp blades designed to cut through anything for everyday kitchen use.

  • • MULTI-PURPOSE: Cut meat and trim fat, cut slippery bacon with ease, scale fish, and trim and peel vegetables, shell nuts, crack crab legs, open bottles, cut chicken bones, strip herbs, Cut pizza into slices, quesadillas and pitas into wedges, foccaccia into squares, even stale bread into cubes for croutons. Trim fat off meat. Knife on the end of the handle is good for many things such as opening CD wrappers and opening clam shells.

  • • HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS STEEL: Blades extend through the length handle to ensure they will not break with regular use and ensures against rusting. BONUS: Magnetic sheath so you don’t lose your scissors again when you need them and keep your scissors within reach on the fridge or any metal surface.

  • • ANNOYED THAT BLADES COME APART TOO EASILY? The scissors/shears come apart only at an angle of 90 degrees, which is wider than normal use. This ensures that the scissors are not too tight to pose a problem for the user. On the other hand, it is not too loose that it creates inconvenience. Detachable blades for cleaning, sharpening, and polishing. Single blades can be used as a knife.

  • • 100% no-hassle, money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, email us and we will be glad to refund your money or send you a replacement. Even after Amazon’s return policy has elapsed, we stand behind our product. LOVE YOUR KITCHEN’S goal is happy customers.