Love Your Kitchen now has a new line called Love Your Tea.

Our first product is a Brew-in-Mug Tea Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea With Lid, Extra Fine Mesh 304 Stainless Steel Infuser Basket For a Cup, Mug or Pot.  4″ with handles, 2 1/2″ deep                              

Tea Infuser

Tea Basket Infuser


PRICE vs. QUALITY: Why the low price? Our infuser is the highest quality 304-grade stainless steel, with a large capacity infuser basket, lead-free, custom made, light but sturdy, and built to last. However, we are planning more products for our brand, Love Your Tea, so we decided to offer it a lower price so you can get acquainted with us.

  • LID DOUBLES AS A COASTER Keeps your brew hot during brewing and reverses to use as a nice little tray after steeping for the basket. Provides a place to put the wet infuser until brewing the tea a second and third time.
  • THAT TASTED SO GOOD! Do you want another cup? With loose leaf tea, the best flavor often comes with the second and third brewing. Just pour hot water through again to re-brew your tea with our steep-in-mug and teapot infuser. CLEAN UP? Simply dump strainer and rinse with running water and a little soap.
  • GET THE MOST FLAVOR from your premium tea. Instead of using a tight tea ball, our infuser gives your tea room to expand, allows the tea to unfurl completely, and allows water flow. Great for brewing all fine loose leaf tea such as Rooibos, Jasmine Purls, Oolong, Darjeeling, and Vahdam loose leaf tea samplers.
  • WHAT IF I AM NOT HAPPY WITH IT? Our Tea Infuser has been lovingly designed by our U.S. small business. We quality control the items here after they arrive from China. It has a 100% money back guarantee.